Organization is the first step to productivity. Although we might know people who are able to function in chaos and disorder, the majority of us need some sense of order. You may have a New Year’s resolution to keep your workspace, home, car, etc. tidy and neat to boost your productivity or simply break those messy bad habits. And knowing that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, the odds might seem stacked against you.

So how are we supposed to keep those organizational resolutions? Making short-term and attainable goals are key for winning at 2018! Physically organizing your life is a therapeutic way to get focused, so start small and start organizing the small things! Places around your home like junk draws, coat closets, and kitchen cabinets, are usually forgotten and can make your life feel cluttered. It’s so easy to forget about places that have a door you can close and ignore the mess!

Although you might be thinking about tackling the garage or the kids’ bedrooms, starting small will give you those little victories that encourage you to move forward and get ready to take on those big projects. Don’t overwhelm yourself and take your time to organize and plan the way that works best for you!

Resolutions can be overwhelming so set attainable goals that are doable and start small!