Your home office is your dedicated haven for productivity, deep thought, and a mug full of that wonderful coffee that you always crave. Working at home can be both fun and convenient, or completely destructive and disorganized. A lot of it depends on your attitude – and some of it also has to do with how you organize your home office. 

A better looking, well-organized home office can elevate your mood and make the work-at-home experience much more enjoyable. How can you give your home office a better look? 

Here are a few tips to get your home office looking the way it should.

Spray it with Color 

Adding some color into your home office is the same as breathing life into an unconscious human being. Pick your favorite shade and buy a few accessories in that color to add to the room. This can be in the form of cushions, a lamp shade, picture frames, or even pen holders. 

Colors such as purple, red, turquoise, royal blue, and other similar tones are great for a spritz of color here and there. 

Light It Up

Lighting is highly important to give your office the right glow. Changing the lighting can give the room a completely new look- a  better look. Try filling it with small spotlights fixed in a wooden ceiling or you can also add a couple of lamps with the right glow.

Yellow light is much more relaxing than the white glow of some bulbs. Try adding a nice fluorescent light in the corners of the room. It can help the room look bigger and can also add a funky touch to your home office. 

Oh and let’s not forget that you are going to want to get yourself a bulbNEST storage box for those times when one of the lights in your office blows out. If you have a bulbNEST with all the different lightbulbs you use in your office then you know that at any time if one of them goes out you can simply replace it right away! It’s a simple and effective solution to ensure that your office always looks good.

Minimize the Clutter

If you think adding to your home office will make it look better, this may not always be true. Try subtracting from it instead. If you have a large desk with attached shelves, try going for a smaller more compact one that will take less space in the room. 

Go for two single-seaters rather than spending money on a large sofa. Try buying smaller lamps and only add one or two pictures on the wall. Minimalistic is in and may be just the look you need to make your home office look better than it ever did. 

Try Different Curtains

Changing the curtains can make your home office look a lot better. If you have curtains made of flowing cloth, you might want to try a different kind. For example, how about folding blinds, or plastic blinds? 

You can even try different painted curtains or window coverings. Some are particularly designed and painted in exotic prints and bright eye-catching colors, adding a certain Zen to your room. Simply changing the curtains can make it seem like you changed everything- so make sure your curtains match your furniture. Or are a neutral color. 

Chairs Matter

When you are in office, you need to have a comfortable good-looking chair, just like the President. However, if your chair is now old and worn or not up to current trends, you need to buy a new one. 

Make sure your office chair suits your personality, is comfortable, and is the right size for your room. For example, a huge chair in a small room is not going to look good. Nevertheless, it can look perfect in a large spacious room. 

Rugs can do the Trick

If you have a nice floor or even a floor that may be a bit scratched and old in places, you can simply cover it up with a beautiful rug. Furry rugs of different colors are relatively inexpensive and very cozy for your feet. You can also sometimes lay on them while using your laptop in your office. 

If you have a more sophisticated approach to your office and work, expensive handmade rugs can give your home workplace a prestigious edge. Rugs are a must to up your office game! 

Polish Everything

Have you ever gotten a facial and felt like a new person altogether? That’s what a good polish can do for you. In the same way, polishing your floor, doors, and/or furniture can do wonders for your office. A new shine and a fresh look and it’s like everything is brand new! 

Remember to use the best polish and never compromise on quality. Bad polish can permanently cause damage to your furniture, floor, and doors.

Ceilings can Help

If you have seen the latest plaster of Paris designs, you are probably already in awe of everything that can be created and how exquisitely intricate roofs look. You can add a specific ceiling design to your office ceiling. Perhaps add a sunroof or put in spot lights at certain points. You can also line the ceiling with small fairy lights and make it light up in the evening for a rather magical look. 

You can also gaze up at the ceiling to relax if you decide to take a nap on your rug during the evening. 

Vases and Flowers

The best minimalistic accessory is a vase filled with an attractive assortment of flowers. If you can’t afford or don’t want to buy fresh flowers every other day, there are very real looking artificial flowers available. Choose an assortment that goes with your furniture or is in contrast to it so it adds that “eye candy” appeal to the room. 

Make sure you position it in a place where it is visible but not in the way of work. You might also want to consider full sized floor vases rather than those that you place on tables. 

An Extra Bowl of PotPourri

A better looking office is also equal to a great smelling office. Potpourri is great to look at and is amazing in terms of odor. Place a bowl in the middle of your office and fill it with colorful potpourri for a great clean look and a very fresh odor. 

You can put it in a crystal dish, a nice straw potpourri holder, or something similar. 

Do as much fixing and improving as you want and get that perfect look for your favorite room!