A beautifully organized room.

This guest post was contributed by Julian Lane.

Tiny homes are a growing trend for good reason. Not only are smaller homes typically less expensive to own, but owners can also get much more creative with their storage and organization. Sound too good to be true? We have a few home organization hacks that just may change your mind.

Clear Out Your Closets

Tidying up your closet may seem like tedious work, but you can easily get these valuable storage spaces into better shape. First, home organization 101: get real about what you should keep and what should go. If you have not worn or used it in over a year, chances are you can sell or donate it. You can also consider stowing seasonal items in a storage unit or adding additional rods and shelves in your closet. But if you can learn to be more minimal when it comes to your clothes, you could use any extra closet space for a stylish home office. Closet home offices are perfect for productivity, and can help you put your closets to better use in your small home.

Put Your Passions on Display

Sometimes, clutter may really just be a disorganized collection. Rather than struggle to find storage space for your passion projects, why not display collectibles? Small collectibles make unique fillers for clear jars and vases, while wall space can be used to display plates, hats or other small accessories. When you have your walls and shelves filled up, think about other ways to constructively get rid of your excess stuff. Maybe you can earn a little money selling extras online. Then, you can put your profits toward picking up other essentials that can help you with your home organization and make more room in your home.

Mount as Much as You Can

Hanging collectibles is not the only way to make smart use of your walls. Instead of using a bulky stand or entertainment center to hold your television, why not hang it up instead? There are so many creative TV mounting ideas that can help you fit your electronics into even a small home. You can mount your television on your wall or even hang it from the ceiling, if that would make better sense in your space.

Embrace Foldable Furniture

While vertical storage and closet organization are key, you can also maximize your home’s potential by choosing the right furniture. Specifically, think about buying furniture that actually folds into smaller spaces. Companies are wising up to the tiny-home trend and making foldable chairs, tables and beds to complement those smaller homes. Speaking of beds, folding murphy-style beds have come a long way in the past few years, so you can find one that fits neatly into your bedroom and the style of your home.

Buy Double-Duty Decor

Just like your furniture and walls, your home decor needs to earn its keep in your small home. Luckily, there are just as many decorative storage options as there are murphy beds and foldable tables. Ottomans can serve as extra seating or even table space while also holding blankets or books inside. Speaking of books, when space is minimal, you can also consider stashing jewelry and other small items inside of hollowed-out books. No room in your closet for your light bulbs? The bulbNEST’s chic design makes it an easy option for light bulb storage and can blend in with your décor.

Leave No Space Unused

So far, we’ve covered your walls and floors with creative home storage ideas. For small homes, however, even the ceilings can be perfect organizing areas. You can purchase hooks from your local hardware store to securely hang bikes and other items. If you rent, check with your landlord first, and be sure to properly anchor your ceiling hooks so you do not cause any damage while hanging heavy objects.

Living in a small home definitely doesn’t have to cramp your storage or your style. You just need to be creative and seek a little inspiration to turn your tiny home into an effective, fashionable home you will be proud to show off. Don’t let your square footage limit the functionality of your space and hinder your home organization.

Photo Credit: Unsplash