Chic and Compact bulbNEST Keeps Bulbs Handy & Organized

Denver, CO (Aug. 20, 2017)–Light bulbs can be a hassle to store and can easily get lost in cluttered closets and messy garages. That’s why bulbNEST is a household necessity – saving you the time of finding bulbs, all in a practical and elegant container.

This new-to-market product is entirely Made in the USA, and is designed to nest lightbulbs in sturdy, 100% post-consumer waste corrugated cardboard. It also uses water-based inks to reduce the carbon footprint, and paper which is whitened without aggressive bleaching, making bulbNEST a sustainable product.

With its bright yellow lid and holes on the sides of the box, this chic and compact organizer is easy to spot and grab from shelves. The bulbNEST Classic holds the most commonly used household bulbs: 6 standard and 2 spotlights.

Future configurations include: bulbNEST Classic Plus, the Classic edition with a little extra room for specialty bulbs, bulbNEST Standard, which holds 12 standard bulbs, and bulbNEST Spot, which holds 6 spotlight bulbs.

The inventor of bulbNEST, Wendy Lemke, was chosen to present her product to Wal-Mart as part of the company’s nationwide Made in USA initiative to invest $250 billion into American-made products over 10 years. As one of only 500 companies chosen to participate, bulbNEST can now be found on the digital shelves of Amazon, Menards, or online at

About bulbNEST
bulbNEST is the inspiration of Denver business owner, Wendy Lemke who was dedicated to inventing a practical product that upheld her high standard of quality. She is the owner of Lynwood Creations, the parent company of bulbNEST, and has more than 30 years of domestic and international business experience. For more information on the bulbNEST, visit bulbNEST is a registered trademark and a patent-pending invention.