A bright idea in organization! Elegant light bulb storage keeps the bulbs you need handy and organized.

Organize your life with bulbNEST®!

The bulbNEST® is a simple storage solution to one of life’s little problems. An elegant and compact way to keep your light bulbs handy and organized, bulbNEST® secures up to 6 standard and 2 spotlight light bulbs. No more searching for the right bulb; no more lights rolling around a shelf; and no more flimsy cardboard cases as each of your bulbs is nestled securely into its own space in this sturdy light bulb storage box.


Do it yourself with the bulbNEST DIY!

The bulbNEST fits easily onto most household shelves with its slim design. Your bulbs won’t move or break as each individual light is nested in its own spot.

  • Holds most common bulbs
  • Bright yellow lid is easy to spot
  • Two holes on the side make it easy to grab from high shelves
  • Sturdy construction
  • Patent pending


bulbNEST DIY: 5-1/2”h x 8-3/4” w x 10-1/4” l

The bulbNEST is a perfect hostess or housewarming gift and sure to be a hit with anyone who wants to organize their home!

Sustainability —

bulbNEST is manufactured in a Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)-certified company.
• Made in the USA.
• Sustainable practices to reduce the carbon footprint.
• Uses Water based inks.
• Inks recycled on-site.
• Paper whitened without aggressive bleaching.

For each tree taken
down, multiple saplings
are planted.


bulbNEST making headlines across the country!

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