Go Big or Go Home

Entrepreneurs are known for dreaming big. But who could have imagined a product that hadn’t even been launched yet would land on the digital shelves of the largest retailer in the world? That was exactly what happened with the bulbNEST when it earned a spot on Walmart.com.

The Beginning

Like most good inventions, the bulbNEST was inspired by accident – quite literally. After multiple surgeries, Wendy Lemke, the entrepreneur behind the box, was on a knee scooter when she reached for a lightbulb on a shelf. It slipped and broke, leaving her surrounded by glass shards, and out a $20 lightbulb. Thinking there had to be a better way, she decided to create one. Wendy set to work engineering something sturdy and practical, clever and cute, and the bulbNEST Classic was born.

Lynwood Creations, the parent company of bulbNEST carries the name of her father’s custom home building company, compelling Wendy to live up to his legacy by demanding quality. The bulbNEST is made from sturdy cardboard, and constructed to nest each bulb securely in place. Two small holes on the short side make it easy to pull off a high shelf, and the bright yellow lid is easy to spot among the typical storage shelf clutter. The material itself is a nod to Wendy’s Colorado home; sustainable in every way. It’s a Forest Guard product, meaning no trees were felled in its creation as it is made with 100 percent post-consumer waste cardboard. Even the ink itself is water-based, and much of it is recycled on-site at the manufacturer. A reduced amount of bleach creates the white of the box.

The bulbNEST Classic is meant to hold the most common bulbs that families use; 4 standard and 2 spotlights. Between the cost of popular LED bulbs, and their long shelf-life, it’s both an investment and a great way to organize. Three future iterations will include an expanded version with storage for vanity bulbs, and storage for just the spotlights and just the standard bulbs.

The Opportunity

Lemke’s chance of a lifetime came along when she applied for a spot in Walmart’s Made in America program, a $250 billion investment in American manufacturing. One of only 500 businesses from across the country chosen, Lemke was invited to present the bulbNEST to buyers at the store’s Bentonville, AR headquarters in late June. This two-day, whirlwind event drew companies from 48 states and Puerto Rico, all in town to pitch their Made in the USA products, supporting jobs in America.

The Event

A preliminary session explained what to expect from a buyers’ meeting, and included encouragement from a vendor who had succeeded with Walmart through the Made in America initiative. A room full of expectant business owners learned the famous Walmart cheer before they filled the event with questions on the do’s and don’ts of buyers’ meetings.

Pitch day began with an A-list lineup, including everyone from Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, heads of all Walmart’s departments, and a dollop of Southern charm as J.D Bassett, former CEO of Basset furniture explained how he saved his North Carolina factory and disrupted the furniture market while everyone else was sending jobs overseas. Videos delivered personal stories of jobs and success and American factories creating Walmart products. And then the product pitches began. More than 750 buyers’ meetings were scheduled, interspersed with sessions on how to do business with Walmart, supplier education, and a swarm of friendly Walmart employees pointing vendors in the right direction.

 The Result

And the bulbNEST product pitch to Walmart? The bulbNEST is proud to be featured on Walmart.com – a huge success for any business, and unheard of for a new product. The meetings themselves were eye-opening. While it wasn’t a fit for one section of the store, a meeting with the home organization experts offered advice, knowledge and inspiration. Inspiration that means a new product line is now in the works: the bulbNEST DIY. This one will be a craft project, created to maximize shelf space, and offered to people who love to build things themselves.

Just like Wendy’s father.

Interested in the bulbNEST or any of the upcoming product lines? We’d love to let you know when the next item is available! Order the bulbNEST Classic now, or get on our list to be first in line for any one of the other quality bulbNEST products!